29 April 2020

Associated artists in CIRCA, Auch, National Pole for Circus Arts, from 2012 until 2018, Cridacompany’s artists kept a regular connection from January 2014 until October 2017 with CIRCa’s team and audience. During this period, each month, the artists have posted a photography and a sound, taken on the spot, from their touring adventures. Little by little photographies had filled CIRCa’s walls. 

 “We often hear about our work that it is outside circus and dance. I think we are precisely somewhere in the middle. Our gesture is connected to our body qualities and restrictions. Each body is unique, whether it is the one of a circus artist or of a dancer. Moreover, we use several technique such as the voice, the music, the photography and so on. We are not only acrobats full of muscles. In a way, we make circus changes from the inside.

Our approach is not intellectual. It’s a cry coming from the body not from the head. We focus on sensations and energies. What matters is to develop a tool for work. Throughout our body we discover a specific writing and vocabulary. Our identity is built on a peculiar language.” Julien Vittecoq

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Cridacompany - Jur - Julien Vittecoq
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