On the edge

On the Edge is a project mixing several disciplines, such as dance, acrobatics, jugglery. The show is based on an intense physical research, from which 2 characters have emerged. Their gesture, their language, their expression, their relation are very peculiar. Everything leads to the body: an image, an idea, a gesture etc. They focus on a detail and analyse it to the core, distorting bodies and objects. That’s how On The Edge was created.

“The starting points are sensations, energies: helplessness, anger, rage. Those feelings feed the acting. Our food is human, people, animals. Our approach is not intellectual. It‚Äôs a cry coming from the body not from the head. What matters is to develop a tool for work. Throughout our body we discover a specific writing and vocabulary. Our identity is built on a peculiar language. On The Edge is a first step to our research, and it will carry on, as what we explore is infinite.”

‚ÄĒ Jur et Julien

Show created by and with : 

Jur Domingo et Julien Vittecoq

Artistic collaboration :

Groupe Merci (Solange Oswald, Jo√ęl Fesel et Georges Campagnac) et Eric Fassa
Lighting design : √Čric Fassa
Music design : Jur Domingo

Need informations ?

Olivier Bourreau
Production and tour manager
+33 6 08 40 62 43