Cabaret Crida/Lubat

Cridacompany has presented its first cabaret in 2011. This cabaret, for 9 performers, mixes music, circus and dance. It is a musical evening, including a selection of performances from Cridacompany’s various past and future creations. The guiding light comes from Jur group’s compositions, and the universe remains close to Cridacompany’s, full of strangeness and shifted humour. Since 2012, the cabaret had several lives, in France and abroad. Even if the idea stays always the same, it’s unique each time it is performed. In 2016, following a strong encounter between Cridacompany and Cie Lubat de Jazzcogne, both companies were eager to present a new cabaret. 

In 2016, Cridacompany was invited by the Cie Lubat de Jazzcogne to participate in Uzeste Music Festival. There, they presented one of their show “Manana es Manana”. Then the artists of the company have participated to the final great evening as part as many jazz improvisers, among others: Louis Sclavis, Bernard Lubat
 It was a tremendous moment. Throughout this special evening they brought face to face written acts, from past creations to Cie Lubat de Jazzcogne musical universe, very untamed and improvised. Even though Cridacompany’s works -very precisely written- and Cie Lubat de Jazzcogne’s works – wildly improvised- are far away from each other, somehow something unite them marvellously. 

Following this first encounter, Cridacompany propose to Cie Lubat de Jazzcogne to set up a cabaret together to celebrate its 10 years anniversary. The creation took place in Auch on the 26 and 27th of October for Circa Festival’s 30th anniversary.

Direction :  Jur Domingo, Julien Vittecoq
Musics by : JUR et Compagnie Lubat de Jazzcogne
performed by : Gabriel Agosti (jongleur, acrobate), Anicet Léone (acrobate), Julien Vittecoq (acrobate) Jur Domingo (acrobate)
Musicians : Nicolas Arnould, Bernard Lubat, Louis lubat, Fabrice Vieira, Jur Domingo
Lighting design : Eric Fassa
Sound technician : Adrien Dauvergne

Supported by :

CIRCa, Pîle National des arts du Cirque Auch – dans le cadre d’un PACS, Parcours d’Artistes Circassiens Singuliers
DRAC Occitanie / PyrĂ©nĂ©es-MĂ©diterranĂ©e – dans le cadre d’une aide Ă  la structuration
RĂ©gion Occitanie / PyrĂ©nĂ©es-MĂ©diterranĂ©e – dans le cadre du conventionnement

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Production and tour manager
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