29 April 2020

We freeze the bodies in their act of crying. The body changes, stretches or relaxes. I’m not preoccupied by the psychological state, but in what comes from this action, in each shot. Those bodies express rage as much as pleasure for the game, and even embarrassment. life in a way!

Cridar is a photography project born from the encounter of Cridacompany and Pop Circus’s students in Auch, initiated by CIRCa. In march 2012, a serie of black and white photographies were done, the theme was the cry. In 2013 it was completed by another serie of photographies taken in Lectoure with Primary school students. Eighteen prints were exposed in Lectoure photography and art center, as part of the Festival Cheminements 2013. 

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Cridacompany - Jur - Julien Vittecoq
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