Mama/Papa Carnaval

« Invoking the absurd, offbeat and burlesque registers, Cridacompany spawned its own carnival. Duets, men and women, alternately appear before us without masks, somewhat empty, clumsy forms, emerging from nowhere, to join the party, in all simplicity. Unconsciously letting go of etiquette and appearances, they are, just are… At the edge, near the void, prone to flops, failures, imperfections, they let loose, in all ridiculousness, the quirks that cross their minds, from the most touching to the most violent. Their body, their voices, their gestures, equally express the beauty and the grotesque. Their mere presence trigger laughter, hence curiosity to know them better. What are they? What are we? Gradually, they open the endless possibilities of our existences, the ability to bring out a lyrical and deeply moving voice from our bodies, but also to brutalize each other without even realizing it. All this responding to a cleverly set stage partition, no need for a setting, they are it. These birds come and go continuously, ever carrying a new trick up their sleeve, belonging as much to the pantomime, juggling, dancing or singing Arts. Four clowns. No nose. No traditional clown costume. Four poems on feet, as François CervantĂšs would put it, inviting us to their carnival, to come very close to a glimpse of our truth. » 

— Dominique Duthuit

Show created by and starring :
Jur Domingo & Marta Torrents
Claudio Stellato & Julien Vittecoq

Directed by : Julien Vittecoq
Artistic collaboration : Henri Devier
Lighting design : Éric Fassa, Martin BarrĂ©
Sound technician : Julien Bordais
Production : Cridacompany – Flore Vitel, Laurent Ballay


L’Agora, Pole National des Arts du Cirque de Boulazac-Aquitaine
CIRCa, Pîle National des arts du Cirque – Auch, Gers
La Villette, Paris
2 PĂŽles Cirque en Normandie / La BrĂšche, Cherbourg – Cirque ThĂ©Ăątre d’Elbeuf
La Verrerie d’Alùs, Pîle National Cirque Occitanie
La Cascade, PĂŽle National des Arts du Cirque, ArdĂšche RhĂŽne-Alpes
MA scĂšne nationale – pays de MontbĂ©liard
Mix’Art Myrys, Toulouse (rĂ©sidences-association artistiques)


Compagnie 111 – AurĂ©lien Bory / La nouvelle Digue, Toulouse
L’Usine, Centre national des arts de la rue (Tournefeuille / Toulouse MĂ©tropole).
Trident – Scùne nationale de Cherbourg-en-Cotentin
Le Melkior Théùtre / La Gare Mondiale, Bergerac
L’Espace Appia, Anglars-Juillac (rĂ©sidences-association artistiques)
L’étĂ© de Vaour/ThĂ©Ăątre de la Commanderie (rĂ©sidences-association artistiques)
Théùtre Europe, PÎle Cirque Méditerranée

With the help of MinistĂšre de la Culture et de la Communication – DGCA, Ville de Toulouse, Adami and La culture avec la copie privĂ©e.

CRIDACOMPANY is supported by : CIRCa, PĂŽle National des arts du Cirque Auch, Gers, Midi-PyrĂ©nĂ©es – In the specific frame of the PACS, Parcours d’Artistes Circassiens Singuliers ; DRAC Occitanie PyrĂ©nĂ©es-MĂ©ditĂ©rannĂ©e – Structuring assistance ; Conseil RĂ©gional Occitanie PyrĂ©nĂ©es-MĂ©ditĂ©rannĂ©e – Public service contractual agreement

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Production and tour manager
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