29 April 2020

The base is Jur, her presence, her body, her femininity and everything that emanates from her, what she expresses and what slides from her, what she cannot control. We came into the studio and slide from one idea to another. We’ve just greeted all that could come. The pauses echoed together forming a whole composition. Those photographies reveal a body; still our imagination is totally free. We want to create strong images, but without imposing a sense. The persons watching will do that.

The project Pause was impulsed in 2009, following a request from the city council of Toulouse. In March 2009 the project was presented in the Croix Baragnon Gallery in Toulouse. In 2012, thanks to CIRCa, the artists were in relation with Lectoure’s Photography and Art Center. They were welcome there 2 times to work on what could be Pause after. A selection of pictures was exposed as part of the Festival Cheminement from the 27th of April until the 9th of June 2013. 

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Cridacompany - Jur - Julien Vittecoq
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