Motor Home

Inspired by USA legendary territory, Cridacompany’s artists travelled there in September 2014. Before their leaving, the route was unknown. Fate was the rule. 

Three homeless people on a car park, a cowboy from the city, countryside landscapes, Grand Canyon, wild forests and so on
 Cridacompany has collected series of everyday lives impressions of America, its vastness, its realities, its contrasts that make what is America, its soul and identity. By mixing photographies, videos, circus somersaults, they bring us either in the mobile home country than in their own universe, still zany. By crossing the Big Apple, they have tasted freedom. Always audacious and unpredictable, one cannot imagine the company premeditates there an action movie scenario! From Memphis to New Mexico, the five of them only have been cultivating spontaneously their eccentricity, following a need to breath another air. And they came back in France, as if they came back from an initiatory trip, willing to share this fantastic experience.


Jur Domingo, Julien Vittecoq, Gabriel AndrĂšs Agosti, Anicet Leone et Henri Devier

Supported by 

Les Migrateurs – Strasbourg, Le Melkior ThĂ©Ăątre / La Gare Mondial – Bergerac, Mix’Art Myrys – Toulouse, Circa – Auch.

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